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                    Senegal- the pearl of West Africa
We started the trip in a colorfull Dakar. Than we went to the slave island of Gorée. Next day we continued to Lac Rose-former arrival of Dakar relly. Trough the fishing village of Kayar to the desert camp in Lompoul. Saint-Louis the old capital of Senegal was the next stop from where we went to Unesco heritage of Djoudj NP. The home of thousands of pelicans and other aquatic birds. We crossed Senegal from North to South with stops in the holy town of Touba and Koalac-the cross point of West Africa. In deep South of Senegal we stayed in Sine Saloum Delta. In Fathala we went for a walk with the lions. On the way back we we stopped in a shell island of Joal-Fadiouth where the mosslims and christians are burried together on the same cemetary. We finished our journey in a beach resort of Sally.


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