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About Us

Our travels

1998: USA-Florida-Bahamas

1999: USA-California-Nevada-Utah-Hawaii

2000: Crete-Santorini-Egypt

2001: Turkey-Thailand

2002: Tenerife- La Gomerra-Australia

2003: Malta-Gozo-South Africa-Swaziland-Lesotho

2004: Cyprus-Brasil

2005: Ibiza-Formentera-Peru

2006: Scandinavia>North Cape-India

2007: Northern Italy-Toscany-Umbria-China

2008: Jordan-Japan

2009: Sicily-Canada

2010: New York-Mexico

2011: Morocco-Tanzania-Zanzibar

2012: Corsica-Sri Lanka-Maledives

2013: Israel-Palestina-Croatia

2014: UAE-Oman-Sardinia

2015: Vietnam-Normandy-Portugal-Cuba

2016: Ethiopia-Peloponnese-Brittany

2017: Panama-Costa Rica-Scotland

2018: Namibia-Provence-Ireland

2019: Senegal-Iceland-Andalusia

2020: Singapore&Indonesie-cancelled

         France-Germany on motorbike

 We are Filip and Roksana, passionated travellers.

We have been travelling around the world for more than 20 years.

We like nature, wildlife, tribes, culture, food, photography, exotic places and adventure.

Roksana works in travel industry and Filip crosses Europa with his lorry.

We travel by motorbike, 4x4, plane, boats.

Our next future project is the Silk Road and Pan- American Highway.

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